Transitions 2016 (45s Preview)

The video work ‘Transitions’ documents the my daily journey and is recorded through one entire day from climbing out of bed to returning to sleep.

The work represents an act of mindfulness, attending to the constant change of environment capturing every change of space (moving from one space to another) or surface under foot, and explores my interest in our physical relationship and interaction with our architectural environment. This process required my constant attention, focusing the mind and the awareness, and captures the narrative of that attention. The chronologically presented clips, captured using a mobile phone, highlight the ever present eye of digital media and question this often criticised source of distraction and how we perceive our relationship with technology, each other and our surroundings.

Title: Transitions (2016)
Media: Digital iPhone Video 720p
Duration: 00:13:05 (without titles)


Transitions was original created as part of an installation for the Resistant Forces Exhibition as OVADA in January 2016. The work was shown along with three lightbox images (see blog post for more info) and explored the tension between our desire strive and our need to be present.

The work premiered as a solo piece at the CICA Experimental Film Festival (Korea) in August 2016 and is available for exhibition. You can preview the full version of the film if you would like to exhibit this work by contacting the artist here.