Next Exhibition ‘Accord’ – Arts at The Old Fire Station

As part of the Professional Development Award I received last year through the OVADA Seven Counties Open I was offered the opportunity to present new work at the The Old Fire Station Gallery. The new exhibition ‘Accord’ opens on Friday 23rd February 2018 and will present an going experimental project conceived in preparation for this exhibition. The work is called ‘The speed of light, the speed of me’ and explores my daily commute to work in relation to the time it takes light to travel from the surface of the Sun to the surface of the Earth.

Through this new experimental work ‘The speed of light, the speed of me’ I have taken the opportunity to play with photography’s ability to distort time and scale and make the familiar, something other. Through exploring the connections between the playful creativity of art making and the structures and values of universal constants I attempt to orientate the scale of my own existence in relation to the vastness of our globalised world.

Working with some of the earliest photographic processes, cyanotypes (sun prints) and pinhole cameras and combining them with the latest in digital technology, I am exploring conceptual ideas of time and scale through the material behaviour of the captured images. From the fleeting existence of the solargraph, to digital captures with handheld exposures of more than 8 minutes, these works are as much performance as they are image.

Top: 51.666385, -1.286916 : 493s handheld digital capture
Middle: 51.672016, -1.280321 : 493s  handheld digital capture
Bottom: 51.688775, -1.248651 : 493s handheld digital capture

Final exhibition of the year!



The Glass Tank, Abercrombie Extension, Oxford Brookes University, Oxford OX3 0BP


‘DreaMFActory’ is an interim exhibition of work by students from the MFA Fine Art programme at Oxford Brookes. The show provides an opportunity for these students to test out a range of differing works and projects, some complete and some in progress. Participants in DreaMFActory come from varying disciplinary and cultural backgrounds and include artists from the UK, Chile, Iran, Portugal and the USA. Their work demonstrates a critical engagement with wide ranging concepts and interests ranging from: the authoritative power of text nostalgia and cultural appropriation in the era of Brexit, to the overlooked cultural value of carpet weavers in Iran and human bodies relative to architectural spaces. Other works demonstrate an interest in the curiosity of the everyday providing new ways to address familiar subjects, objects and materials, pushing these to extremes of creative possibilities through practices that ‘exhaust the subject’.

The MFA Fine Art at Brookes is a broad-based programme that includes practice, critical theory and professional studies and  supports our students to develop their own distinctive artistic practice alongside and integrated into a taught theoretical and professional framework. 

The programme provides an inclusive contemporary curriculum that encourages critical engagement, imaginative exploration and creative risk taking. Our students develop and enhance their independent art practice within an environment designed to enable each student to engage with issues relevant to critical, current contexts and debates. They each locate their practice within wider frames of contemporary art and its social, cultural and historical contexts and promote the subject  as a versatile and inclusive academic discipline.

Why not whet your appetite and check out the DreaMFActory catalogue here.

DreaMFActory Exhibition Dates:
Monday, 18 December – Friday, 12 January 2018

Mon – Fri:   9am – 5pm
Sat – Sun:  Closed

The Glass Tank
Abercrombie Extension
Oxford Brookes University
Headington Campus
Oxford OX3 0BP

New Exhibition – Journey Vol:1 @ Nuffield OC

Thanks to Tom Cox for his support in presenting this solo exhibition of my project “Journey Vol:1”

Nuffield Orthopaedic Centre
Windmill Road

Open 9am – 5pm every day.

More information about getting there Here

The exhibition opens on Saturday 8th September 2017 and runs until 9th November.

You can see a video of the full bookwork of this project here


Beyond Surface @ The Glass Tank Gallery

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