St Helens Wharf

Created over a period between late 2009 and early 2011 this series is one of my first explorations of my relationship with place. This series expresses the impending sense of loss visualised through the atmospheric presence of St Helens Wharf, part of a route through which I routinely walked my two young children to school for many years.

As my youngest child reached the age of 11 (in 2011) thus moving to secondary school, this repetitive and often mundane yet comforting and familiar shared experience was coming to an end. I needed a way to explore and express this sense of loss.

The St Helen’s Wharf area is the oldest part of the town of Abingdon, one of the oldest continuously inhabited towns in England. The Wharf had been for centuries the confluence of the town and the river Thames, a significant point of entry and embarkation. The site of an accumulation of hundreds of thousands of journeys back, forth and through, all of which coming to and end, moving on, both through time and purpose.

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