I have been a professional photographer for over 20 year. After completing my professional studies at City of Westminster College, London, I started my career working in several studios in Central London, learning from exceptional photographers and developing my skills and ideas, which lead onto a career photographing interiors, food, still life and portraiture for Advertising and Design Agencies worldwide. I have retired from commercial photography to concentrate on developing my art practice and to teach. Having completed a PTTLS in 2010 and a PGDip(Ed) Artist Teacher Scheme in 2016 I am now studying for Master of Art in Fine Art at Oxford Brookes University. From 2013-2017 I was Module Leader of Photography at Bellerbys College Oxford, teaching the Foundation and A Level courses and am now Co-ordinator and Teacher of A Level Photography at d’Overbroecks Sixth Form College, Oxford.

Situated in and beyond the realm of light based image making, my interest is as much in the processes of photography as its subjects. My current work explores the conceptual possibilities of the make process in photography bringing it closer to the performance of painting, broadening the potentiality to explore connections between process, material and meaning.

I am interested in exploring photography as ‘Inframedium’, playing with the boundaries of the photographic object, its material ‘nature’ and the visual possibilities that exist within it. Stripping away the ‘Apparatus’ of the camera and thus stepping out of the arena of the technical image, I am exploring a different set of gestures with which to reveal the material’s phenomenological potential.

My practice is informed and supported through the integration of my artist teacher identities. I am committed to the value art brings to both individuals and communities, not just engagement with works of art but perhaps more so, the practice of art. I am particularly interested in the role art practice can play in developing analytical thinking, critical discourse, political awareness and shared experiences in the wider community.